About Us

Building VTC JSC

History and today

VTC was established in 1990 when Messrs. V. Vacek and J. Tichy started „VTC, Textile and Fancy Goods Wholesale“. From the very beginning we introduced what was then a rather unusual way of offering goods – that of selling by trade catalogue directly at the customer’s place of business for Czech and Slovak Republics. This system is still in operation today although updated since 1991 when the company introduced computerised systems. Thanks to the enthusiasm of our employees we have continued in this trend and now all employees, including storekeepers, have their own computers.

An important moment in the company history was in 1994 when we purchased a building and adjoining land in the centre of Unicov. Thanks to the new storage space and offices the company started to grow quickly and an adjustment department was established. In 1998 the association of VTC – Vacek and Tichy was changed to VTC JSC with Messrs. Vacek and Tichy as the sole shareholders.

VTC JSC supplies goods all over the Czech and Slovak Republics and targets predominantly retail outlets. However, manufacturers of clothing, furniture and similar goods also use our services. The development of import and export markets is becoming increasingly important. VTC JSC imports goods from Poland, Slovakia, Great Britain, Spain, Turkey or Switzerland. We export our goods to all EU but to outside too, e.g. USA.

The basic assets of VTC JSC are reliability in business relations, honesty, solvency and hard work. 34 years of the company’s existence and good co-operation with our suppliers and customers provides good evidence of the company‘s qualities. So the motto which we adopted at the beginning is now being fulfilled.


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