Note:: Product prices will be displayed to a registered user upon login !!!!


Upon entering the website at you can select your language profile - the website may be displayed in Czech, Slovak, English and German, while the Slovak interface takes over many texts from the Czech version and thus they are shown in Czech language.

You can use buttons in the navigation bar:

1. About Us: a short history of the VTC Company.

2. Contact: all contacts to individual key people in the company, their phone numbers and e-mail addresses, including opening hours. Company documents (Company ID, VAT, Waste Disposal, Companies Register) can also be displayed, as well as a map showing the company headquarters.

3. Help: contains useful tips and instructions (this text).

4. Download: offers company documents to display or download, registered users may also download the VTC Pricelist and VTC Catalogue as PDF files.

5. Business Conditions: provisions governing the operation of the VTC e-shop and the relationships between the customer and VTC JSC

6. Login field: see below

7. Assortment: comprehensive list of product categories and subcategories offered in the e-shop of VTC JSC - see below

8. Home Page: the upper part contains up-to-date information from the e-shop operator (with a link to older news on the right side), the bottom part shows five random items from the News section.

9. VTC logo: By clicking on the VTC logo in the left top, you will navigate to the home page of our website.


By clicking on the "Register" link in the right top, below the login fields, the "Register Customer" window will be displayed. You must fill in all required data (marked with a red asterisk); if any of these is unknown or unavailable (e.g. account number), enter 0 (zero), because something always has to be filled in the marked fields. Please double-check your e-mail address, as orders (and also news if you wish) will be sent to this e-mail. If you are filling in your account number, please fill in also the bank code! If you wish your goods to be delivered to another address than the billing address, please fill it in the field in the right bottom part of the form and also state the phone number of a person who is usually present at the place of delivery - this is important for the transporters. You may enter any comments below the form. After typing in all data, copy the code from the picture to the spam control field and send the form to be processed by clicking on the "Register" button. Registration is done manually, while available data is checked against the Trades or Companies Register; we finalize registrations on work days - Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

A user registered under a particular language profile cannot log in to other language profiles !!! (E.g. if you fill in the registration form in the Czech interface, you will only have access to the Czech version after login under your allocated name and password. A user who is not logged in can browse through all language mutations... but will not see the prices :-(((

Note: We only register entrepreneurs, i.e. "owners" of a Company Registration ID, we do not sell goods to natural persons.


1. Select from the left ASSORTMENT menu. By clicking on any basic category, you will get a list of respective subcategories, and by clicking on a subcategory in the catalogue, all products in given subcategory will be shown. Above the Assortment menu, there are the Novelties (new goods or goods on special offer) and Discount (discounted goods and sale out) links.
2. Fulltext search in the search field of the catalogue by the goods name, goods number or card number, if you know them.


In a clickable field on the left in the main window, you may select a number of displayed items per page, 20-40-80 items or all. If items of given category or subcategory do not fit on one page, the navigation menu for an/other page/s appears. If you select to display all items, one page will contain them all.

In the right clickable field in the main window, you may select the display mode for individual items.

1. Image list: displays 5 items side by side, where picture is dominant. By clicking on a particular item, product detail is shown. If you are logged in as a registered user and wish to put given product to the basket or select its colour/type, you always have to open the product detail.

2. Table list: items are displayed in lines below each other without pictures. By clicking on an item, its detail is displayed. You can (if logged in) put goods directly to the basket and select their colour/type without the need of opening the product detail.

3. Preview list: items are displayed in lines below each other including images and you may directly select product colour/type or - if you are logged in - also put the goods to the basket. This display mode contains the most information of the three described ones without the need to open product details.

In the centre of the main window, there are options for goods sorting, you can sort products by goods price, by their name alphabetically or by the stock card number, in both ascending and descending order.

All of these options you choose will be preserved for your next visit to this website.


If you click on a particular product in any display mode (see above), its detail will be shown. You will find there all available information on the goods, such as:

1. card number: a five-digit number, which is unique for a single product

2. product title: short name of the goods

3. goods number (if defined): internal numbering of the VTC JSC, or data taken over from manufacturers, e.g. Product specification line

4. goods description: data on the product including important information such as sizes, winding etc.

5. packed by: product sales package - this states the minimum purchase order in MU

6. MU (measurement unit) we use 6 MUs: m = meter, pc = piece, pair = pair, Mpc = 1000 pcs, box = box , pack = package. Please, pay attention to the quantity of MUs in one package, because that is the smallest purchase quantity. Thus, if you order e.g. twill band, which is packed by 50 m and you need exactly 50 m, you put just 1 to the basket, because it is one package of 50 m. If you need to order 100 m, you put 2 into basket (2x50=100 m).

7. material: chemical or other composition of the product, especially for textile products, if defined

8. weight: weight of one MU in grams

9. Catalogue sheets: most of our products are depicted in our sales catalogues and a catalogue sheet of a particular product contains useful information on other types of products or related goods.

10. field for colour and availability: if colour or type is not defined for a product (e.g. needle threader), the field contains "undefined" and no options for the field can be displayed by clicking on it. The same applies to products of only one colour or type. If the product is in stock, that single colour or undefined colour is shown. If it is not in stock, global availability stating NO is shown (see point 11) and the colour field shows a yellow triangle icon with an exclamation mark, and upon moving the cursor over this icon, estimated availability is shown.

NEW: even unavailable product or unavailable colour / type can be placed in basket and the goods will be shipped after they become available again. If you wish to be shipped only the goods available at the time of ordering or all at once after the unavailable products / colours / types become available, you can specify this in Check-out under the "Note". 

If the product can have several colours or types (e.g. threads or appliques), the field states "select colour or type" and you may select colour or type from a select menu. For each colour or type, the status of the colour / type is shown (mostly in stock - green tick). If some colour or type is not in stock, the "in stock" field will display a yellow triangle icon with an exclamation mark and upon moving the cursor over it, a date is shown when it is anticipated to be in stock again (e.g. October 10, 2010). If the availability date of a colour is unknown, the "in stock" field will display "unknown". When a colour or type is stocked-in again, the "Status" field will display the green tick.

IMPORTANT!! For products available in more than one colour or type, it is first necessary to select one of them before a basket icon can appear. This prevents entering an "empty" product, i.e. without specifying colour/type. This information is also stated in the bottom of the product detail window.

In the top of the select field (if the product has more than one colour or type), it is also possible to search for the desired data (e.g. colour number) by typing given number. This is useful particularly with products which are available in many colours, such as threads or yarns.

11. in stock: information about "global" product availability. This means that when the product has e.g. 10 colours and at least one of them is available, the product is in stock.

12. product manager: a person responsible for particular product, incl. phone numbers and e-mail address.

13. Unit price: states the price exclusive of VAT per 1 MU (measurement unit). It is only displayed after user login !!

14. Package price: states the price exclusive of VAT per one package (see "packed by" above), for the above mentioned twill band it means that this will be the price of one MU multiplied by the "packed by", which is per 50 MU. It is only displayed after user login !!

In the right part of the window, there is a product picture, with care symbols below (if defined for product) and the bar code (EAN13, if also defined for product). If the original image size is bigger than the displayed one, a magnifying glass icon appears in the right bottom corner of the image and upon moving the cursor over it, it enlarges and can be moved. After clicking on the image, it is displayed in a new window in full size. Clicking anywhere outside the image closes the window.

In the upper and bottom part of the product detail window, there are navigation elements, which will help you get to the previous or following item without returning to the product list, or you can use the Assortment navigation in the upper centre part.

Note: product prices are only displayed after user login and they are ALWAYS exclusive of VAT.


After entering the website at, there is a user login field in the right top corner. If you are a registered user, you can enter the allocated name and password. If you click on the "Login" link, the text "Logged-in User" and your name and town will be displayed instead of the login form. "Your Orders" link is used to see your last 100 orders sent and to display their details. By clicking on "Update Data", your personal data will be displayed, which you may update if something changed, e.g. phone number or address. If you wish to save updated data, copy the spam code from the picture and click the "Update Data" button. If you are not a registered user, you may ask for registration by filling in and sending the registration form after clicking on the "Register" link.

After logging in, the basket is displayed in the right top and the number of inserted items, if any, including the total price for the items in the basket exclusive and inclusive of VAT are shown. If you put individual products to the basket and their colours or variations, the number of items in the basket always increases by one after each inserted product and the total price of the basket is updated. If you put the same product or colour/type to the basket twice in a row, the system adds up these two items and the number of items in the basket only increases by one, while the total price increases by the two inserted items.

By clicking on the "basket" icon, the content of the basket is shown. Here, you can review the inserted items and their quantity and change them by re-writing the quantity in the "#packages" field, followed by clicking on the green icon to change the number of packages and price updating. You can remove an item from the basket by clicking on the red cross icon or you can delete all items by clicking on the "Empty Basket". You can continue adding products or proceed to checkout.

In the "Checkout" window, you will see all items in the basket, their colours/types, quantity and prices. Below all items, there is the total price of the goods in the basket with and without VAT. At the bottom, the shipping address is displayed. This can be changed directly in this "Check-out" window by clicking on the "please update your profile" link. You can type any comments to the "Comments on Order", which will be displayed on the order. You will place order by clicking on the "Send Order" button, which will send it for processing. The order is sent to the VTC JSC, and at the same time to your e-mail address, which you provided in the Registration Form, so that you can check the goods after receiving your shipment.


Supported browser versions (or higher): Internet Explorer 9.0, Firefox 34, Google Chrome 39, Opera 26. If you use a lower browser version than stated above, we recommend upgrading to a higher version. Regardless of the browser type, you have to allow cookies and JavaScript. The accuracy of displayed colour shades for individual products depends on the setting of a particular monitor and computer – therefore, it is only indicative.

We believe that you will like the system of our e-shop. If you encounter any problem or have any comments, please feel free to contact the staff members of the VTC JSC, at the address .
Your VTC Team

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