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Patchwork Starter - Set

Contains: folding cutting mat 30x45 cm (12x18 palců) - cm and Inch scale, MAXI EASY rotary cutter 45 mm, 40g glass-headed pins (43x0,6 mm), 15x30 cm Omnigrid ruler with cm scale, Aqua trick marker, 20 hand quilting needles (23+26 mm), 5 sewing machine quilting needles 130/705 (75+90), small stitch ripper, Prym P&Q catalogue. German product, price for 1 piece.

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Starter set PRYM LOVE

Collection Prym LOVE. Starter set - transparent storage box with two levels 16x23x6 cm. Content: one pair of scissors, one full needle case, one magnetic pin cushion with glass-headed pins (pink variant does not contain pins), marking pen, hand gauge 20cm, prym.ergonomics stitch ripper, a mini needle cushion, 12 small fabric clips. Chinese product, price for 1 pc.

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